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With an incredible staging, our culinary proposals are full of exquisite shapes.


If you have an event and want to enjoy a cannibal experience

Write to us at info@experienciascanibal.com and tell us what you are looking for. We will send you a personalized proposal according to your preferences.


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We travel throughout Spain to bring the authentic culinary essence to your event.

We offer our services where it best suits you and we give you the opportunity to do it in our Cannibal Space.

How long does the Cannibal Experience last?

Approximately 3 hours

Do you offer service for all types of events?

We offer you a personalized Cannibal experience according to your space and number of diners, with a minimum of 12 people. We also give you the opportunity to do it in our Espacio Caníbal (minimum of 8 guests) at Avda. Cayetano del Toro, 31 – 11010 Cádiz.

What type of menus do you have?

We have two standardized menus (Caníbal and Caníbal Premium) but we can adapt them to all types of events.

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Wines are not included.

Do you have a particular wine that you want to include on the menu? Tell us and we will include it.

What wines are the dishes marinated with?

With red wine and champagne.

What amount do I pay to make the reservation?

20% of the total budget.

Extras that can be hired for CaníBal Experiences, in addition to the standard menus.

  • Cheese table
  • Drunk Cannibal Cheese Tasting
  • Ham cut
  • Jerky Cutting
  • Cut of cured tuna belly
  • Knife cut: each client selects a Caníbal brand knife that they will take as a souvenir and use during the event.
  • Grilled bluefin tuna (depending on season)

Our dedicated work manages to gain the trust of our clients, accompanying them on their most important days:


– Incredible staging –

We believe that the true magic of food is found in the experience. That’s why we’ve taken culinary excellence to a whole new level, offering incredibly captivating staging.


– Premium meats –

Selected bites of certified Galician Blonde Cow, certified Tudanco Ox, Cachena Cow, and certified Akiyama Wagyu. These premium meats, renowned for their exceptional quality and taste, take center stage at your event, providing an experience your guests will remember long after savoring the last bite.

– Premium signature cheeses –

We invite you to discover a world of culinary exquisiteness with our Premium Signature Cheeses. Cheese is not just an ingredient; It is an art itself, an expression of tradition, craftsmanship and refined taste.

– Noble Charcuterie –

Our noble charcuterie is a tribute to gastronomic tradition. At your event, we offer bites that captivate with their flavor and refinement. Do you want to please your guests with an exceptional selection?